The first step to creating a character is to choose a background. Was he born on Earth before the Fall? Was she raised on a habitat commune? Or did they start existence as a disembodied AI?

A character's background covers where he came from, not who he is in the present. Each background presented below covers a wide selection of transhumanity but it is not necessarily a complete listing and so players can always work with the GM to develop backgrounds not included on the list below, using the existing ones as guidelines to keep the new one(s) balanced.

Backgrounds will provide characters with certain skills, traits, limitations, or other characteristics to start with.

Background Short Description
Drifter Grew up as part of some sort of itinerant group.
Fall Evacuee Raised on Earth and came into space during the Fall.
Hyperelite Raised as part of the upper class of the inner system.
Infolife Began existance as an AGI.
Isolate Raised as part of a self-exiled fringe group.
Lost A member of the Lost Generation.
Lunar Colonist Grew up on Earth's Moon.
Martian Raised on or above the surface of Mars.
Original Space Colonist A member of a family which has been in space as long as families have been in space.
Re-Instantiated Raised—and died—on Earth, recently re-instantiated with a new morph.
Scumborn Raised among the space gypsies.
Uplift An uplifted animal.
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