Designed for multipurpose functions, flexbots can transform their shells to suit a range of situations and tasks. Their core frame consists of a half-dozen interlocking and shape-adjustable modules capable of auto-transforming into a variety of shapes: multi-legged walker, tentacle, hovercraft, and many others. Each module features its own sensor units and “bush robot” fractal-branching digits (capable of breaking into smaller digits, down to the micrometer scale, allowing for ultra-fine manipulation). The flexbot control computer is also distributed between modules. Individual flexbots are only the size of a large dog, but multiple flexbots can join together for larger mass operations, even taking on heavy-duty tasks such as demolition, excavation, manufacturing, robotics assembly, and so on.

Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Fractal Digits, Mnemonic Augmentation, Modular Design, Nanoscopic Vision, Shape Adjusting
Mobility System: Walker (4/16), Hover (8/40)
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 25
Wound Threshold: 5
Advantages: Armor 4/4, individual flexbots count as a small target (–10 modifier to hit in combat)
CP Cost: 20
Credit Cost: Expensive (minimum 30,000+)

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