Infomorphs are digital-only forms—they lack a physical body. Infomorphs are sometimes carried by other characters instead of (or in addition to) a muse in a ghostrider module.

Enhancements: Mnemonic Augmentation
Aptitude Maximum: 40
Speed Modifier: +2
Disadvantages: No physical form
CP Cost: 0
Credit Cost: 0

AGIs and Infomorphs

The term "infomorph" is used to refer to any ego in a digital body, whether that be an AGI or the digital emulation of a biological mind (including backups and forks). The following rules apply to infomorph and AGI characters.

Software Minds

At their core, infomorphs are just programs and so they are treated like other software in terms of rules. They must be run on a specific personal computer or server (see Computer Capabilities). If that device is shut down, the infomorph also shuts down into a state of unconsciousness, restarting along with the device (infomorphs may also shut themselves down, though it is rare that they do so). If the device is destroyed, the infomorph is killed along with it (unless their data can somehow be extracted from any surviving components, perhaps resulting in a vapor). Infomorphs may copy themselves, though in some places this is illegal and in most places is frowned upon as it raises numerous ethical and legal questions. For this reason many infomorphs that copy and transfer themself to run on a new device will thoroughly erase themselves off the old one.

As digital beings, infomorphs have no physical mind, but it is a simple matter for them to possess an uninhabited synthmorph, taking up residence in the cyberbrain (see Resleeving Synthmorphs). They may also download into biomorph bodies according to standard resleeving rules. Even when disembodied, they may interact with the physical world via the mesh, viewing through sensors, streaming XP feeds, communicating with characters, commanding slaved devices, and teleoperating/jamming drones.

Infomorphs have a Speed of 3, reflecting their digital nature and their ability to act at electronic speeds. If an infomorph sleeves into a body, however, it takes on the Speed of that morph.

AGI Characters

Though AGIs were not born in a biological body, their programming encompasses the full spectrum of human personality, outlook, emotions, and mental states. AGIs are in fact raised in a manner similar to human children, so that they are socialized much like humans are. Nevertheless, on a fundamental level they are non-humans programmed to act human. There are inevitably points where the programming does not mask or alter the fact that AGIs often possess or develop personality traits and idiosyncrasies that are quite different from human norms and sometimes outright alien.

Unlike standard crippled AIs, AGIs are capable of full-fledged creativity, learning, and self-improvement (at a slow but steady pace equivalent to humans). Just like other characters, they earn Rez points and may improve their skills and capabilities. AGIs suffer none of the skill limitations placed on weak AIs, using skills just like any other character.

On an emotional level, AGIs run emotional subroutines that are comparable to biological human emotions. AGIs are, in fact, programmed to have empathy, share an interest in human affairs and prosperity, and place significant relevance on life of all kinds. In game terms, AGIs emote like humans (and so Kinesics may be used to read them) and are vulnerable to emotionally manipulative effects, fear, etc.

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