Bonus: 5 (Mild), 10 (Severe, uncommon), or 20 (Severe, common) CP1

The morph's biochemistry suffers an allergic reaction when it comes into contact with a specific allergen. The allergen may be common (dust, dander, plant pollen, certain foods, latex) or uncommon (certain drugs, insect stings) and the reaction may be mild or severe. The player and gamemaster should agree on an allergen that fits the game.

  • Mild Allergy: When suffering from the effects of their morph's mild allergy, the character suffers from mild discomfort when exposed to it (eye irritation, sneezing, difficult breathing). Apply a –10 modifier to all tests while the character remains exposed. Mild allergies provide 5 CP regardless of the commonness of the allergen.
  • Severe Allergy: The character suffers a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) when it comes into contact with the substance their morph is allergic to causing them to break into hives, have difficulty to breathing (–30 modifier to all actions), and must make a DUR Test or go into anaphylactic shock (dying of respiratory failure in 2d10 minutes unless medical care is applied).

This trait is only available to biomorphs.

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