Eidetic Memory

Cost: 10 CP

Much like a computer, the character has perfect memory recall. They can remember anything they have sensed, often even from a single glance, in detail, with no long term memory loss. For example, they can recite a page they read in a book a month ago, recall a string of 200 random characters they viewed a year ago, or even tell you what they had for breakfast on a particular date a decade ago. However, they can only remember things to which they paid attention. The character will not remember the contents of a note on someone’s desk if they merely glanced at it; they must specifically have read it. No effort is required to use this trait, the character merely needs to attempt to remember a specific fact.

This trait can be purchased as either an ego or morph trait. The character cannot gain double benefit from this trait and the eidetic memory implant.

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