Cost: 30 CP

The character has an influential person in their life who can be relied on for occasional support. This could be a wealthy hyperelite family member, a high-ranking triad boss, or an anarchist networker with an unbeatable reputation. When called upon, this patron can pull strings on the character’s behalf, supply resources, introduce them to people they need to know, and bail them out of trouble. The player and gamemaster should work together to define exactly who this NPC is and what their relationship with the player character is. Specifically, the question of why this patron is supporting the character should be answered (familial obligation? childhood buddies? the character saved their life once?). Gamemasters should be careful that this trait does not get abused. The patron should be an occasional help (probably no more than once per game session at most) but is not always at the character’s beck-and-call. If the character asks for too much, too often, they should find the patron’s support drying up. Additionally, the character may need to take action to maintain the relationship, such as undertaking a mission on the patron’s behalf. In fact, the character may only have their patronage because they are on-call or of use to the NPC in some way.

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